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How Trump's Manufacturing Jobs Council Fell Apart

By Chris Wiltz | August 16, 2017

President Donald Trump has decided to disband the council of his Manufacturing Jobs Initiative. The announcement came Wednesday morning, amidst a large exodus of the council's membership in response to the President's comments regarding a recent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, VA. By Tweet, the president said:

Helping SMEs Harness the IoT Via PLM

By Array | August 16, 2017

The Internet of things (IoT) is becoming the way of the world and because of it, there are now more components being manufactured and more intricate design chain challenges than ever. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will have to learn to trust data and analytics, where once they relied on people. To truly embrace this digital transformation, manufacturers need to step out of their comfort zones to learn new habits, acquire new disciplines, and implement organizational transformation that extends to their supply chain. 

Siemens Preaches Gospel of Manufacturing ‘Digitalization’

By Charles Murray | August 15, 2017

Siemens AG continued its push this month to unite the design and manufacturing realms into a single data model, announcing it will soon add two more key software tools.

GE Digital Creates Program to Ensure Return on Smart Manufacturing

By Rob Spiegel | August 14, 2017

We’ve all heard the stories of manufacturers who purchase advanced technology only to have it sit in the factory-floor corner undeployed because nobody has the time or wherewithal to implement the tools and make sure they work. GE Digital recognized this issue and created a service – Acceleration Plans – to make sure manufacturers get the results they paid for.

Levi Strauss Experiments with 3D-Printed Denim

By Elizabeth Montalbano | August 14, 2017

If researchers are successfully beginning to 3D print human skin, it seems quite natural that the clothes that cover it will also be fabricated this way in the very near future. To that end, clothing brand and global manufacturer Levi Strauss & Co. has become one of the first off-the-shelf clothing companies to explore the use of 3D printing to fabricate its products, though its explorations are in the very early stages.

Video Game VR Gun Targets Military Training

By Chris Wiltz | August 11, 2017

It would be easy to look at Striker VR's Arena Infinity blaster as just a high-end video gaming peripheral ... because that's exactly what it is. But under the hood of what the Louisiana-based company is calling the most realistic gun for virtual reality, is a plan to supply military and law enforcement with the most realistic guns ever for training and simulation.

Laser Printing with Nanoparticles Could Be Key to Developing Bioresorbable Devices

By Elizabeth Montalbano | August 11, 2017
Laser Printing with Nanoparticles Could Be Key to Developing Bioresorbable Devices
Professor Heng Pan of Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T)works in his lab with gradu

Some Engineering Jobs Will See Double-Digit Growth Over Next 7 Years

By Rob Spiegel | August 10, 2017

Recent projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate engineering jobs will grow 3% over the coming seven years. While some disciplines such as aerospace engineering will experience a small decline, jobs for most engineering disciplines are on the rise.

New Hybrid Photoreactive Materials Eyed for Biomedicine, Optics

By Elizabeth Montalbano | August 10, 2017

Researchers in Spain have developed new hybrid photoactive materials that incorporate fluorescent organic dyes and respond differently depending on light stimuli, giving them potential for a number of applications in optics, solar-energy devices, and biomedicine.