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ESC Boston 2018 Call for Speakers Now Open

By Jennifer Campbell | August 3, 2017

The Call for Speakers for Embedded Systems Conference Boston 2018 is now open! No matter your expertise -- embedded hardware, embedded software, connected devices, or advanced technologies -- ESC gives you the chance to speak at the industry’s most comprehensive technical conference for embedded systems professionals.

It’s Time to Think About Our Goals for the IoT

By Charles Murray | August 2, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at a key moment in its history, and the technical community needs to address the goals and risks of the technology, lest it be misused and abused, IoT expert Stacey Higginbotham will tell attendees at ARM TechCon in October.

Here’s Why We Keep Hearing About Autonomous Car Partnerships

By Charles Murray | August 2, 2017

Lately, it’s almost impossible to flip through the business pages of a newspaper without reading about an autonomous car partnership -- General Motors, Ford, BMW, or Toyota, teaming with up-and-coming tech companies with names like Nauto Inc., Mobileye N.V., SAIPS, Argo AI, Cruise Automation<

5 Tips for Setting Realistic Project Expectations

By Jacob Beningo | August 1, 2017

Quite a few companies and teams that I encounter have an expectations problem. They have unrealistic expectations for the time and effort that it takes to develop an embedded system. On the spectrum between pessimistic and optimistic, they typically blow past optimistic into the fantasy land zone. The result is often debilitating, stressful, late, and buggy embedded systems. What can development teams do to avoid unrealistic expectations? Here are five tips developers can use to help ensure they set expectations that are realistic and not fantasy.  

Tesla Rolls Model 3 While Citing Production Challenges

By Charles Murray | August 1, 2017

Amid a crush of publicity and a rollout that rivaled a modern rock concert, Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk handed over the first 30 versions of the Model 3 electric car, but warned that production challenges still lie ahead.

“The major challenge for us over the next six to nine months is how to build a huge number of cars,” Musk told an audience of cheering Tesla enthusiasts. “Frankly, we’re going to be in production hell for the next six months, maybe longer.”

Call for Speakers: Pacific Design &amp; Manufacturing 2018

By Jennifer Campbell | August 1, 2017

Pacific Design & Manufacturing, North America’s premier conference that connects you with thousands of professionals across the advanced design & manufacturing spectrum, will be back at the Anaheim Convention Center February 6-8, 2018, and the Call for Speakers is now open!

7 Tips for Securing an Embedded System

By Jacob Beningo | July 31, 2017

Security, just like quality and many other embedded system attributes, must be considered at the start of the development cycle. Developers can’t build their system and then add security at the end. With more and more systems starting to connect to the Internet, there are more than a dozen best practices developers should follow to start securing their systems. Let’s explore several that any team can implement.

Start using ARM Trustzone

Microsoft Is Creating a Free, Online Raspberry Pi Simulator

By Chris Wiltz | July 28, 2017

So you don't own a Raspberry Pi but are curious to try one out? Maybe you have an idea for a project but aren't ready to commit to the process of physically putting it together. Microsoft has released an early version of a free, open-source Raspberry Pi simulator that can be accessed right through a web browser.

Self-Healing Technology Allows Lithium-Ion Battery to Store More Energy

By Elizabeth Montalbano | July 28, 2017

Researchers have been taking different approaches to applying self-healing technology—mainly in the form of materials that can autonomously repair small cracks or tears—to develop longer-lasting and more durable electronic devices.

Some of the latest research in this area comes out of the University of Illinois, where researchers have developed a lithium-ion battery that applies a self-healing technology to improve the battery’s performance. 1