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Soft, Stretchable Sensor Eyed for Wearable Tech, Prosthetics

By Elizabeth Montalbano | November 9, 2017

Researchers have been trying different approaches for how to integrate sensors into wearable technology to expand their functionality and make them more comfortable for users.

NES and SNES Classic Teardowns: Nintendo Takes on Raspberry Pi

By Chris Wiltz | November 8, 2017

It's the ultimate question for any DIY enthusiast: Buy it, or build it yourself? With a Raspberry Pi and enough know how you could even build a fully functional arcade cabinet. Nintendo must have finally taken notice of all the makers creating their own NES emulator boxes out of a Raspberry Pi and decided it was a venture worth tackling.

Graphene Used to Enable High-Powered Electronics on Flexible Materials

By Elizabeth Montalbano | November 8, 2017

Graphene has shown its mettle as a breakthrough material yet again, with researchers using it to enable for the first time the development of high-power electronics on flexible, inexpensive materials.

Azure IoT Suite Focuses on Next Generation Industrial Applications

By Al Presher | November 7, 2017

The next generation of the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite’s preconfigured remote monitoring solution introduces a new scalable Microservices architecture that dramatically simplifies the ability for customers to customize the solution. The company says that input from major companies including The Hershey Company, Schneider Electric, Rolls Royce and Sandvik played a key role. The new solution also utilizes a redesigned user interface that makes it easier for customers to visualize the system, along with support for both Java and .NET programming languages.

Google Created AIs That Can Teach and Program Themselves

By Chris Wiltz | November 6, 2017

Two new projects from Google are leading the way toward AI that can learn on its own and even create its own algorithms.

DoE 3D-Prints Solar-Power Receivers with 20-Percent Light-Absorbing Improvement

By Elizabeth Montalbano | November 6, 2017

Researchers at the Department of Energy have 3D-printed solar-power receivers that are up to 20 percent better at absorbing sunlight than current technology, as well as less expensive to fabricate.

What Happens If EV Tax Credits Are Scrapped?

By Charles Murray | November 3, 2017

News yesterday of a potential elimination of the federal EV tax credit rankled automakers, many of whom worried that it would be a setback to the industry-wide effort to bring affordable electric cars to the market.  

The potential elimination of the $7,500 credit, revealed yesterday by House Republicans who are crafting a major overhaul of the US tax code, would most likely slow sales of EVs and force automakers to further cut prices on vehicles that are already losing money, experts said.

Graphene, Silver Nanowires Used to Develop Flexible Material for Smartphone Screens

By Elizabeth Montalbano | November 3, 2017

Anyone who has a smartphone knows how easy it is to break your screen with an accidental drop or impact with a hard surface.


Now researchers at the University of Sussex may have found a solution to this problem by leveraging what’s rapidly becoming the most useful material in chemistry: graphene.

Could Smart Connectors Aid the IIoT?

By Charles Murray | November 2, 2017

The move toward “edge computing” in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gained momentum recently, as Harting Technology Group ratcheted up its effort to bring intelligence to electrical connectors.