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7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

By Rob Spiegel | June 27, 2017

On May 12, hundreds of thousands of computer owners at home and at work – across 150 countries – woke to the unpleasant reality that their data was being held for ransom. Yikes.

Microsoft had released a patch for the appropriately named cryptoworm – WannaCry – but many didn’t install it. And those who were understandably still attached to the oldie-but-goodie Windows XP didn’t stand a chance, as Microsoft stopped releasing patches for it in 2014.

Choosing a Network to Support IIoT

By Rob Spiegel | June 27, 2017

The first step in deploying an effective network of industrial connectivity is determining the nature of the network itself. In the session, Building an IIoT Roadmap for Your Factory, at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing conference earlier this month, Benjamin Kiefer (photo), co-founder and systems engineer at MAJiK Systems, explained how to determine the details of the plant network.

De-Risking Design: Reducing Snafu’s When Creating Products

By Rob Spiegel | June 26, 2017

With growing time-to-market pressures and increasingly complex systems within products, the design process has become risky. These risks show up during the process of bringing a product concept into reality. Whether it’s sole-source components that might cause supply chain issues or untested connectivity added at the end to meet competitive pressure, much can go wrong with design. You face the added risk once the product is out in the field and the market reacts to it.

Sensor Fusion Software Simplifies Design of Robots, Autonomous Cars

By Charles Murray | June 26, 2017

Using a novel arithmetic approach, a new sensor fusion solution fits on a single microcontroller, allowing developers to use it in applications ranging from autonomous cars to robots to drones.

5 Challenges Developers Face When Using an RTOS

By Jacob Beningo | June 23, 2017

Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) are becoming a necessary component that most embedded software developers need to use in their applications. Developers who were once traditional bare-metal developers are starting to transition to using an RTOS as their microcontrollers move to 32-bit architectures and as their devices are starting to connect to the Internet. Whether you are just starting to use an RTOS or have been for years, there are several challenges that developers face when using an RTOS.


Challenge #1 – Deciding When to Use an RTOS

Rotor Clip Brings Student Contest Winners to the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show

By Rob Spiegel | June 23, 2017

Win a student contest and go to the Big Apple. That’s how it worked for four engineering students at East Caroline University earlier this month. The student team entered a railroad hand cart for a mechanical engineering class. They entered it into Rotor Clip’s annual Ring-A-Majig contest and won first place. The team pocketed $500 and won a trip to the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing show.


7 Great NASA Technologies You Don't Know About

By Chris Wiltz | June 22, 2017

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Inkjet Additive Manufacturing Process for Memory Devices Opens Doors to Mass Production of Printed Electronics

By Elizabeth Montalbano | June 22, 2017

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the fabrication of memory devices using inkjet additive manufacturing (AM) that paves the way for mass production of printable electronics.

A group of researchers at Munich University of Applied Sciences in Germany and INRS-EMT in Canada have demonstrated an additive-manufacturing process using inkjet printing to fabricate resistive memory (ReRAM).

The Search for the Next Super Material

By RP Siegel | June 21, 2017

If you turn over a rock and find a gold nugget, you’re going to start turning over more rocks. Back in 2004, a gold nugget known as graphene was discovered in a lab where a sheet of carbon, one atom thick was produced. Graphene, hailed as a super material, was considered important enough that its inventors, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

The Benefits of Hiring from Outside Your Industry

By Mitch Maiman | June 21, 2017

hireHere is some sage advice which is just as appropriate in a tight labor market (the fortunate situation for those of us who are engineers) or in a weak labor market.