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Factory Orders, Machinery Bookings Slumped Deeper in December

January 27, 2015

US factory orders for durable goods tumbled 3.4% in December on a big drop in new bookings for commercial aircraft, according to data the Commerce Department released Tuesday.

Video: Reconfigurable Robot Walks on Snake Legs

January 19, 2015

Carnegie Mellon University's modular snake robot can be reconfigured to meet users' needs. Not only will this modular system enable completely new robot designs, say its inventors, it will also help speed up the pace of development and enable more flexible traditional industrial robots.

Manufacturing Expansion Slows Down, Industrial Production Dips in December, Says Fed

January 16, 2015

US manufacturing output rose 0.3% in December, but warm weather that blanketed the entire country reduced heating demand, significantly dragging down utilities output and the nation's overall industrial production for the month. The 0.1% decline in December was the first contraction in the nation's total industrial output since August, the Federal Reserve announced Friday.

YuMi -- a Robot for You and Me

December 4, 2014

Robotics company ABB Robotics has unveiled YuMi, a human-friendly dual arm robot that plays well with humans. The machine was designed for small parts assembly, where people and robots work hand-in-hand on the same tasks.

Nypro Healthcare Expands Manufacturing Effort

October 15, 2014

Mass.-based company opens new 200,000-sq-ft facility and brings more jobs, revitalization to the commonwealth.

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Bill Gates Discusses the Future of Tech, AI, and 'Poop Water'

By Chris Wiltz | January 29, 2015

Bill Gates took to Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and fielded fielded questions on everything from his outlook on the future of technology to who he's rooting for in the Super Bowl.

How to Handle Design Disagreements

By Dave Palmer | January 28, 2015

Good engineering designs are those that work in the real world; bad designs are those that don't. If we agree to set our egos aside and let the real world be our guide, we can resolve nearly any disagreement.

2014: A Monumental Year for Cyber Attacks

By Rob Spiegel | January 26, 2015

2014 was big dark year for cyber attacks. Here's the month-by-month blow-by-blow breakdown.

China's Manufacturing Slump Softens While US Growth Erodes Again in January

By William Ng | January 26, 2015

China's manufacturing sector continues to contract this month but at a less severe pace, as the nation's central government in Beijing fights to reverse a 24-year low in economic growth.

Goodbye SkyMall -- Thanks For All the Ish!

By Sylvie Barak | January 23, 2015

In-flight shopping magazine, SkyMall, has stalled, nosedived, and crashed into bankruptcy.

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